2002 Feel Estate, Leopoldskazerne, Gent



“In this exhibition I tried to present my idea of ​​such a platform and to work it out,” says Verhoeven. “You are often amazed to see how artists are launched or not by the art institute. That is the starting point. I place the work of young, (not yet) recognized artists next to the early work of artists who are already made a name for themselves, such as Annemie Van Kerckhoven and Ronny Delrue, and in this way I try to create a value-free platform, and it is quite possible that someone will find the work of one of the young artists better than one of the early paintings of , for example, Ronny Delrue. It sort of deletes the aura around those artists, who started small just like everyone else. Some people reacted rather defensively when I came up with that proposal. “That work is no longer mine,” they said. “The great thing about that concept is that it shows work that has sometimes never been exhibited.”

Thibaut Verhoeven