2006 Déjeuner sur l’herbe, PA Museum, Velzeke

“Orquídeas” is an audio interactive video installation. It forms parts of a series called “Black & White” and presents a selection of images extracted from books, magazines, cinema, internet, etc.

The installation shows us an unstable image which partially dissapears with the volume of the spectators voice. A computer with a microphone connected to it runs a program that mixes two layers of footage with details of flowers, filmed out of a book on Colombian orchids. Does this piece change like fleeing sgnificant or does it adapt itself like Woody Allen in “Zelig” ? Pedro Donoso asked himself.


This work was part of the group show “Déjeuner sur l’herbe”, curated by Stef Van Bellingen and held at the Provincial Archeological museum of Velzeke. This video was installed in a wooden corridor on the premises of Hooremans, home of late Panamarenko’s wife.