2010 Alterna, Museo de Juguetes, Mexico City

Alterna was held at the Mujam Cultural Forum and wanted to be a philosophical dialogue between artists where they reflect on their environment.

Mirham Ascencio, organizer of the exhibition, said that Alterna 2010 is a project that emerged a year ago as a response to the artistic effervescence that exists in Mexico City now.

“We gathered 10 artists we asked them to intervene in the 1,500 square meters of an already existing museum, making works of art in dialogue with the space.
Aldo Quiñones, Iris García, Gabriel Santamarina, Álvaro Muñoz, Jens Kull, Teseo Fournier, Luis Quintino, Alejandra Mateos, Ben Dierckx and Jorge Carrera participate in the exhibition.”

According to Ascencio, most of the works presented in this show, use a multimedia approach that somehow relates to the plastic toy factory that was previously housed in this site.